Well after 15 Years of going to the Amazon , it just never gets old. This fishing trip is not like any other Freshwater Trip you have ever experienced before. You ask, WHY,? The tackle busting excitement, the power of these hard fighting species, the jungle,the wildlife, luxury yacht and of course the fishing itself.

On my last trip OCT 10-19 with my Amazon 2 Package,the fishing was a bit tough due to the rising water due to the amount of rain that fell the week before we arrived. Never the less, we caught “ONLY”, 477 Peacock Bass 5 over 20 LB. 41 over 10 lb. with a excellent ratio of 1 out of 10 over 10 LB.  the largest being 22.5 LB. then a 22 LB’er. 2- 21 LB’er’s. 20 LB. and several between 15-19 LBs.

Here are just a few to show you.


Me & Guide Jo Jo 22 LB.                                                        Curtis  18. LB. Speckle

Me & JOJO 22 Curt 18 lb Pacu

20 LB. Bar Peacock                                                                  16 LB.

Me 201419 lb. Me 2014 20 LB

Come join me on my next Trip and this can be ” YOU”  in the Picture.

Me 2014 22lb

Capt. Frank Carbone     954-325-1115