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Amazon Hawghunter is a company specializing in Peacock Bass fishing Both in the Amazon and Florida. Our goal is to make this the most memorable fishing adventure of a lifetime. The Amazon Peacock Bass experience is truly on everyone’s “Buacket List”.

Best in Class Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing and Adventure

The Hawg Hunter assures our clients the very best in:

  • Comfort
  • Securityamazonlord_II
  • Best of fishing guides with the best fishing boats in the Amazon
  • The opportunity to bring home that “World Record” or simply the best adventure memories of a lifetime!

A few of the Yacht’s Features

  • Finest facilities
  • 5 Star Chef, serving both American & Amazonian dishes. The yacht also has an Open Bar.
  • Open Bar
  • Accommodates 10-12 Anglers
  • The Yacht drafts low waters to enter areas the others can not

Sport Fishing

  • Fishing in the Amazon is something unique in the world: first to reach the forest, with all the sounds, smells and sights is already something special and exciting. But to hook a peacock or a jaú is indescribable.
  • Some people pay fortunes just to get a few hours on the river and bring a souvenir photo. But there are more economical options.
  • There are several species of fish in the many rivers in the region, including the peacock, the golden Amazon and hake.
  • The piranha, carnivorous fish with which to make a broth much appreciated by fishermen, inhabits nearly all the rivers of the Amazon.
  • We offer absolute comfort, outstanding security match to respect for nature and monitoring of technological resources.

Blazed through the vastness of the Amazon rainforest, navigating the rivers and their tributaries in search of challenges and adventures, whether in sport fishing, eco-tourism is in through river cruises on our ships.

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