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Amazon Peacock Bass

Amazon Peacock Bass

Tucunaré (too-coon-a-ray), is the local name for Peacock Bass in South America. It is native to the Amazon basin and one of several species of fish sought after by sport fisherman. The tucunaré is sometimes referred to as “Brazil’s freshwater ambassador”, because of its ferocious top water attack and powerful sport-fish action. It has fascinated adventurous fishermen from all around the world often attaining sizes over 36 inches long and upwards of 27 pounds. Its strength and beauty makes the Peacock Bass a fearsome opponent.

They are known to sever 30 lb mono filament and some tales speak of breaking super-braided lines of 80 pound test. The fish can annihilate lures, bend or even straighten hooks and sometimes fracture rods and ruin reels. Such a “dangerous” fish to the angler’s equipment is regarded as attractive for this very reason.

The Peacock Bass is the main attraction to world-wide traveling anglers coming to Brazil’s Amazon basin, however, the Amazon offers more than 2500 species of fish that rival the best sport-fishing from around the world.

The piranhas are abundant and easy to catch, while a variety of other cichlids (related to peacock bass) are plentiful. Other examples are Aruanas, Traira (similar to Walleye with sharp teeth and a fierce attitude), Cachorras (Payara) and many other catchable fish.

The Amazon River and its tributaries serve as the World’s most exotic and challenging fishing locations. The abundance of life in the river is sure to make any adventurous fisherman more satisfied than any other place in the world.

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