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Amazon 3

The Kalua

Price: $4,495.00

Kaluayatch2The newest peacock bass operation in the Amazon Basin is the Kalua, a Brazilian “Boat Hotel” that is 95 feet long and has a draft of less than 4 feet. Captained by one of seven IGFA representatives in Brazil, the classic Amazon riverboat can comfortably accommodate from 8 to 14 fishermen in quality single and double rooms.

The Kalua offers nine 21-foot aluminum Amazon Peacock Bass boats rigged with cushioned seats, 30 hp outboard motors and 44-pound thrust electric trolling motors. Very experienced guides from the fishing area are assigned to each boat which holds 2 anglers. The fishing boats have a cooler with drinks including beer, water and sodas, plus sandwiches and a grill for cooking fish, in case anglers decide not to return to the boat for lunch.

Our 6-day fishing trip begins on Sunday and we fish several tributaries of the Rio Negro from Barcelos to Santa Isabel including the Demeni, Caures, Rio Branco tributaries, Araca, Ataui, Padauri, Cuiuni, Uneuixi and Jurubaxi among others. Our kitchen and bar services are first class and there will always be a bilingual guide on board with the fishermen.

Demeni Sport Fishing Boat

Price: $3,995.00- $4,995.00 (4 anglers minimum) can take up to 8 anglers

UntitledA This shallow draft adventure boat has the amenities of the larger Yacht Kalua, but in a smaller, more mobile package. The DEMENI is 54 feet long with a very shallow 75 cm (30 inch) draft that enables access to the most remote headwater tributaries of the Rio Negro-to hunt large peacock bass. This boat can travel very far upstream on the affluent rivers, so you can fish un-pressured.The peacock bass that have rarely, if ever, seen a fishing lure. This Trip is designed for Private Groups or General Public.

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