Frank Carbone’s World Famous Amazon Peacock Adventures

Just to let everyone know about Frank Carbone’s fishing trips…..They are not just fishing. They are truly adventures of a lifetime. I put my hard earned money & time into Franks hands and he made a Magical Adventure. Not only did I catch Exotic Large fish that I always Dreamed of catching but I experience Nature & the People of THE AMAZON. !!! Wow The AMAZON !!! We saw beautiful Macaws, Parrots, Toucans and butterflies of all colors. Monkeys and Dense Jungles and even had lunch inside the jungle. While the guides set up hammocks for the guests to relax in the guides actually made, from scratch, tables and a fire pit to cook the fresh fish we just caught. Of course they brought plates & silverware along with the Salads & the condiments. Wine & soft drinks were also served. All your needs were taken care of…. One of the highlights was a visit to a indigenous Amazon Tribe that live along the banks of the Rio Negro River. My Grand kids… made 2 bags of clothes and candy to give to the Chief to give to the 5 families that lived in this village. I can not tell you how appreciative they were accepting these gifts. The living conditions of the village was unbelievable. Way under the poor level. But the people were happy. They even made a Soccer goal out of trees and the kids all played. Not only was the surprises during the week but Frank advised us to stay and extra day in Manaus. Of course I took his advise. We toured the city seeing the Opera House built in 1890 and also visited the People’s Market. This place was amazing.. I estimate it over 2 football fields full of Amazon Fish, Fruit, Meat & vegetables. What an experience… Over all I would recommend Frank Carbone’s World Famous Amazon Peacock adventures only to Fishermen & Women that want the very best of Modern Accommodations… Large & Exotic fish….Exciting & different foods of the Area….Nature at its finest….Daily surprises… Comradery of fellow Fisher People…..Stunning Sun Sets & Sunrises…..Overall the trip is SPECIAL>>SPECIAL >>SPECIAL….

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