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In the last report the Demeni yacht caught over 900 Peacock Bass with only 8 Anglers. They had several over 18 LB. and 12 over 20 ,the biggest being 22.5 LB. The Peacock ‘s were caught on prop lures, jigs and jumping minnows. Now that’s some fishing , “What a trip”. You will catch not only peacock Bass but Wolf fish, Payere, Piranha, Arawana  just to mention a few of the species. There are only a very few dates left for this season. I am already excepting reservations for next year. This is truely a “Bucket List trip , that is a must.     The post Demeni Yacht has another successful week 12 over 20 LB. appeared first on HawgHunter Guide Service | Peacock Bass & Largemouth Bass Fishing Trips. Source: Amazon Report

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If your looking for a trip of a lifetime and a true “Bucket List” fishing trip The Amazon is it. I still have choice weeks available from $3995- $5950 Call now for details.954-325-1115 or visit my amazon page www.amazonpeacockbasstrip.com   You will experience top water explosions like never before.     Here are just some of the hundreds of clients the I’ve taken with me to “The Amazon”     CALL NOW for the 2015 – 2016 season , you’ll thanks me

Peacock bass fishing in the Amazon
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When it comes to fishing in the Amazon, the fish that is most fun to catch is the peacock bass. Peacock bass come in different variations, but all are great fighters in the river and some can grow up to 24 pounds in full maturity. The trick to fishing peacock bass in the Amazon is to cast your bait onto the river at a considerable distance from the boat you are on and begin to reel it in rapidly to give the illusion of fast motion, because peacock bass in the Amazon love to hunt their prey at fast speeds. This has to be done repeatedly in order to ensure a higher rate of success. They are one of the most aggressive game fish on the planet. This is why you should be careful when you catch one because they have been known to attach themselves to people’s arms and swallow it whole- the arm, not the person, at least. Peacock bass fishing in the Amazon requires knowledge of river’s topography and how the fish interacts with its surroundings. It is best to fish them during the spring and summer months, for example, because they love temperate-warm waters. Their golden-green flake look is what gives them a gorgeous appearance and it also distinguishes them from other fish in the Amazon River basin. They appear in the thousands at a time, so you need lots of bait from white fish primarily and it is better to place it in the reel in chunk-form in order to give them a more appeasing appearance for the peacock bass in the Amazon. Some folks also use bow-fishing as a tactic to catch them, but that will certainly result in a kill, so if you want to catch and release, definitely don’t use a bow and arrow! Overall, the peacock bass in the Amazon definitely live up to their reputation as one of the greatest game fish you can come across. They are lots of fun to handle, but make sure to take all the necessary precautions, including wearing the right type of clothing...

Amazon Fishing Trips
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When preparing for Amazon fishing trips, it is crucial to prepare not just specifically for the water, but also the thick and dense vegetation surrounding it. It is fair to say that clothing is an important aspect of the Amazon fishing trip experience. 1. Long Sleeve Shirts: The first thing you should make sure to have, are long-sleeve shirts: they will be your best friend! At the very least, you will want to bring more than two brightly colored shirts of this variety to keep safe from swarms of mosquitos and other insects. The material should be breathable and loose-fitting so that it cooperates with the general climate of the region. You will also want to bring loose-fitting pants as well as sneakers to help you navigate the day. 2. Fish Grippers: Another thing you should bring besides the appropriate fishing gear are fish grippers and gloves since the fish found in the Amazon River tend to be not only large, but also aggressive (including the peacock bass). The gloves with good grippers will also be ideal for photographs as well as holding fish that come in widely different sizes. Along with the gear, gloves, and grippers, you should have a very strong fishing rod of very malleable plastic or firm steel, precisely because lots of fish will take your bait repeatedly since they are incredibly strong and weigh significantly more than other fish. 3. Sunscreen & Sun Protection Gear: Depending on when you decide to embark on this Amazon fishing trip, it is also advised that you bring plenty of sunscreen and gear that protects you from prolonged sun exposure. Even when the sun is farthest from the earth, you will still ben near the equator, which contributes to a magnification of not only heat, but sun exposure. Any sunscreen with protection of 50 or more will be more than adequate for your Amazon fishing trip adventure. A long-rounded hat is also suggested in order to avoid the sun’s harsh rays from penetrating your vision especially as you are fishing because the water will reflect that light towards...

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